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Rembrandt Consolidated School was built in the early 1900s in Rembrandt, Iowa.  Rembrandt, with a population of about 220 people, is in Buena Vista County in northwest Iowa.  When Rembrandt Consolidated School graduated its last class in 1979, it was the smallest school in the entire state of Iowa.       

There were very high “expectations of excellence” in Rembrandt.  Experiences, observations, and Rembrandt history are well documented in books written by Rembrandt graduates.

Probably the best way to give you a feel for life in Rembrandt is to share a few excerpts from two of these books: Rembrandt Remembers – 80 Years of Small Town Life, compiled and edited by Helene Ducas Viall and Betty Foval Hoskins, and A Portrait of Rembrandt by Rolf Mosbo.


These excerpts are in no particular order.  You can read more of them in About UsTheir graduation year is listed before each person's name.

1959-Cordy Peterson-In a small town with a small school enrollment, we didn't realize that something really good was happening to us.  And weren't we lucky.  The never-to-be-duplicated setting of which we all were a part is priceless.

1961-Linda Stratton Renshaw-Excellence was expected, and we excelled.  Call it Protestant work ethic, or whatever – we were instilled with a desire to go and do and be.  So we went and did and were.

1957-Dr. Derwyn Anderson-RHS allowed me to have a history of winning, and that has stayed with me.  (See picture and comments about the 1953 Midgets baseball team).

1976-Kim Combes-Our class received a 99% ranking in both the state and the nation on ITED tests all four years of high school.

1967-Paul Ducas-There was, for the most part, a consensus of, or a set of morals/values that was consistent throughout the community.  We basically got the same messages wherever we went, whether it was church, school, baseball practice, or friends’ houses.

1963-Pat Teague-Rembrandt was a people town.  Small and user-friendly, it accommodated human needs on a human scale.


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